School Materials for Kids in Trujillo, Peru

Hello My name is Kazuna Yamamoto and I am currently helping a NGO in Trujillo, Peru .At Peru Vivential, we help out two local schools and a dog shelter, by providing school materials for the children, and finding volunteers from all over the world to help teach the classes. As the new school year has started in March, we are very short on numbers of volunteers and money to provide materials for the students. For each student we provide a back pack with notebooks, color pencil, pens, pencils, erasers, and books, for about 300-350 students. Apart from the materials we give the children, we prepare the worksheets, teaching materials for the volunteers and the teachers.
Being one of the volunteers the children and the adults in this area really lack education (as I have encountered completely illiterate students) and through this NGO we are able to provide a opportunity and a chance for children to be able to attend school, to gain more knowledge and to be able to have a chance to access higher education.
I grew up being able to go to school, do sports, learn music, all that I have taken for granted, wasn't something I should've talken for granted, and I strongly felt that these children should have the opportunities to experience what I have been gifted to experience. Therefore I really am hoping to raise enough money to supply the students here, so that they have the opportunity to learn, and to have the knowledge and the power,freedom to draw their own futures.

In order to start with future projects to create a better environment, we need the initial fund and volunteers to start the new school year, especially with a bigger vision this year (four schools if we get enough funds and volunteers
Every small donation will be helpful, any thoughts and ideas, questions, supports, as well.
For the children to be able to access education, and for them to have a chance to draw their own future, we ask for your help.
Any questions, please email me at
[email protected]
for future project ideas and for collaborations, or for information about volunteering as well.
The NGO website :
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